Development of an optimization tool for the tube cutting process

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Most of our heat exchangers are manufactured from tubes. The tubes are bought in different standard lengths and are then cut to the required lengths for the heat exchangers. There are multiple lengths required within one heat exchanger.

As there will never be an exact fit of commercially available standard lengths to the required lengths of the heat exchanger, there will always be a certain amount of waste. There is an existing tool to calculate which tube can be calculated out of which length. However, this tool is only suited to calculate for one heat exchanger and even within one heat exchanger we identified room for improvement.

Therefore, we are looking for a student intern (HBO or WO) in information sciences or related field who can develop a software tool for us to calculate the optimal cutting distribution of required tube lengths from standard lengths.

Requirements are a good knowledge of algorithms and an interest in applying that knowledge into an industrial environment. The source code of the software will remain in ownership of Kelvion Machine Cooling BV.

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